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Wine Lovers Club

“Wine Lovers Club” gathers winemakers and winegrowers from the Plešivica wine region. More than 180 wine makers and growers from Jastrebarsko, Samobor, Zagreb, Karlovac and Zagorje regions have been involved with the Club. Currently, there are 60 active members, 40 of which are commercial wine growers and makers, and about 20 wine lovers and viniculture supporters. Established back in 1984 by wine expert Franjo Jambrović, this is one of the oldest wine-related associations in Croatia. The idea behind the club was to enhance the quality of wines made in the region. The Club’s competitive nature, under the slogan “who would make better wine from the same varietal”, encouraged winemakers to compete in quality. It is the result of this fun, but still professional winemaking competition that Plešivica now has the most wines with appellation of origin and that the region produces the highest quality wines that include almost all varietals present in Croatia. Members of this Club are now famous and recognized Croatian winemakers. The Club still promotes winemaking competitions and training, evaluation and control of finished wines. They also organize Wine Games to present the Club members’ work in the past year, building on the tradition of the Club’s founders to promote and present quality wine and various other products of the winegrowing region of Plešivica. President of the Wine Lovers Club is Dominik Jagunić.


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