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Jastrebarsko is a small town half way between Zagreb and Karlovac, half way between urban and rural country, and half way between tranquility and big city bustle. And all those roads merge together in an idyllic landscape of characteristic spirit and homey atmosphere. Jastrebarsko area holds some of the best preserved landscapes and picturesque villages, which make it a jewel of the Zagreb County, Croatia, and more. Surrounded by sunny winegrowing hills filled with family farms, picnic areas, forests and other beauties coupled with crystal clear spring water, the area becomes the perfect spot for relaxation and return to the roots.

According to the 2011 census, Jastrebarsko has a population of 16,667 spread out through 60 neighborhoods. This charming little town holds absolutely everything you need to fill your heart and soul: picturesque landscapes to warm your heart, pure spring water to quench your thirst, forest air to fill your lungs, rich past, castles, a wealth of cultural monuments and a whole array of vineyards along the Plešivica Wine Road… You might even run into the eponymous hawk carefully watching over its town.

The town of Jastrebarsko was recently awarded a flattering title of the European City of the Future, so feel free to step into the future with us and become a part of this big family!

Even Croatia’s greatest poet Antun Gustav Matoš wrote about the Jastrebarsko region: "... A wonderful valley with an ancient watermill, forests, villages, churches, groves, then a chain of azure hills sprinkled with romantic blue flowers… And a pearl necklace made of winegrowing old villages around the neck of these beautiful woody hills with outlines of a peaceful, happy and idyllic life… The mist is incense, and the beautiful wooded mountains are altars.”

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  • 10°C
  • W. 5km/h
  • H. 100%
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