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Importnant people

A particular value of this area is provided by welcoming and nice people, and throughout history, many of those who were born, lived or worked in Jastrebarsko became known also outside the borders of the town they resided in. Many great men of Croatian history and culture left their mark in the history of Jastrebarsko ...

TOMAS MIKLOUŠIĆ (1767-1833) – calendar writer, grammarian, publisher, bibliophile, collector of national treasures, playwright and poet, born and died in Jastrebarsko

VLADKO MAČEK (1879-1964) - leader of the Croatian nation and the president of the Croatian Peasant Party (Hrvatska Seljačka Stranka), meritorious politician and a pacifist, born in Jastrebarsko, lived on his estate in Kupinac

LJUBO BABIĆ (1890-1974) - an important painter, stage designer, writer, art historian, critic and art educator, born in Jastrebarsko where he also had his first studio

ANTE STARČEVIĆ (1823-1896) – the father of the ”homeland” and his nephew DAVID STARČEVIĆ (1840-1906) - great patriots and politicians, they spent a lifetime fighting against German and Hungarian domination. For a long time they lived and worked as attorneys at law in Jastrebarsko

IVANA BRLIĆ-MAŽURANIĆ (1874-1938) - greatest Croatian female writer of all time, as a child she lived in Jastrebarsko

ALOJZIJE STEPINAC (1898-1960) - Blessed, the Zagreb Archbishop and Cardinal, born in Brezaric, he spent a part of his martyr life in Krasic, where he also died

FRANJO KUHARIĆ (1919-2002) – Archbishop and Cardinal of Zagreb, meritorious peacemaker and patriot, the first “honorary citizen of the Jastrebarsko municipality”, he was born in Pribić

TADIJA SMIČIKLAS (1843-1924) – the famous historian, “Croatian Herodotus’” , the author of numerous important works, he was born in Reštovo


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