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Jastrebarsko Tourist board

Info about JTB


Jastrebarsko Tourist Board
Address: Vladka Mačeka 2
Phone: 00385 1 6272 940
E- mail: info@tzgj.hr
Web: www.tzgj.hr

Bank account: 2390001 - 1100024359
IBAN: HR7223900011100024359
Personal Identification Number: 2662 768 4627

Director of the Tourist Board of the City of Jastrebar: Petra Masnec

Jastrebarsko Tourist Board (JTB) is a non-profit legal entity established in 1999 and registered as a tourist board under registration number 121. The Tourist Board became active on January 16, 2008 after employing a professional associate. The Tourist Board has many tasks. It works on the improvement of general conditions for tourist accommodation, promotes tourism related products from the region, raises awareness of the importance of economic, social and other impacts of tourism, emphasizes the need for enhanced quality of the environment and works on the preservation of cultural assets. The Tourist Board tries to encourage, enhance, and promote specific natural and social values that make the town a recognizable destination and creates conditions in which those values can be utilized. It implements programs and actions of the County Tourist Board that are mutually beneficial to all tourism entities in the County. The Tourist Board also encourages citizens to participate in educational programs related to environment, preservation of natural and social values with an aim of developing awareness of the importance and impact of tourism. Another task of the Tourist Board is information dissemination, which includes activities related to the tourism offering, promotion of cultural, entertaining, artistic, sporting and other events that help enrich the tourism offerings. It also maintains a unique list of tourists in the town, primarily for the purpose of tourist tax collection, and for data processing. The Tourist Board collects and processes tourist data on daily, weekly and monthly basis, and controls tourist registration together with relevant inspection bodies. The Tourist Board also organizes and implements control in the promotion of town’s tourism products in accordance with guidelines and coordinates all entities directly or indirectly involved in tourism with the purpose of defining and implementing tourism development policies and enriching the tourism offer.


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