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Bike routes

App "Jaska Bike" offers you as many as 8 different routes through the nature and attractions of Jaska and its surroundings.

Family trail, view trail, stone trail, tradition trail, water trail, heritage trail, nature trail or specific wine trail - each of them offers something special and interesting to every adventurer or tourist, but also to all those who already know Jaska or they have always lived here. Find your path too!

Namely, the Jaska Bike application with the help of your smartphone will surely guide you through 8 interesting routes of different characters. With the help of applications, you can prepare before the trip and find out about everything you can see on that route, but also what awaits you on it. Getting acquainted with the application in advance will help you choose the best route - considering that the tracks are precisely thematically done: the distance of the route, the difficulty of the route and the estimated duration. By quoting the app you will learn and discover about; the richness of Jaska gastronomy, heritage and traditional elements - the nature of the beauty of heritage or to find your favorite wine.

The City of Jastrebarsko and TZGJ continuously invest in the development of cycling tourism.
After purchasing electric bikes and building a modern garage through which visitors can rent an e-bike, it has been marked on a 250 km trail and is now made in the Jaska bike app. Soon, cyclists are expecting resorts on these trails in order to additionally enjoy nature.

The application is completely free, unless you run out of internet and / or signals, you can follow through downloaded GPX tracks and traffic signals.

You can download the application here:

Play Store: https://bit.ly/3eaqbhX

App Store: https://apple.co/2LMsICO

The data is collected from trusted and verified partner partners so there is no fear that will go astray if you go into the unknown.

And start your route with your tin pets on two wheels or with an electric bike that you can rent in the first public garage for electric bikes in Jastrebarsko.

Choose your favorite track too!


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