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Vučinić Winery

Vučinić Winery

Vučinić family has been making wine on the slopes of Plešivica and Okić for many years. Their love for vineyards and wine has been transferred through generations. Mirko Vučinić, father of the family, was the first to protect the family’s quality wines “Graševina” and “Kraljevina” in 1992. His son Zdenko continued in his father’s footsteps. Captivated by the beauty of Plešivica’s amphitheater, he decided to enrich the hills with quality vines, thus expanding the family’s offer to “fragrant” Traminec and yellow Plavec. He is also planning on adding new varietals. The Vučinić family’s wines have received excellent reviews from wine critics and medals in wine fairs.


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