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Ivančić Restaurant

Ivančić Restaurant

Ivančić Restaurant is located on the beautiful slopes of Plešivica. The restaurant will satisfy the needs of any guest, and the terrace will overwhelm nature lovers. The Restaurant is located in the center of Plešivica, at an elevation of 405 m with a wonderful view of the Jastrebarsko area. When the weather permits, you can see Klek, Lička Plješivica, Velika and Mala Kapela, Petrova gora, sometimes even Velebit and Učka. This is the place to treat your senses, since the wide range of standard dishes is always complemented with seasonal specials, such as: dishes with fresh King Bolete mushrooms, homemade black pudding and garlic sausages made by the restaurant. The delicious meals are paired with wines of the Plešivica region.


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