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Erdödy Castle Grounds

The composition of the Erdödy Castle Grounds, constructed at the turn of the 20th century, is mostly based on the landscaping movement that started in 18th-century England. The plant life of the grounds and the grounds themselves largely contribute to biodiversity and to the environment of the Jastrebarsko region. The grounds have been protected as a monument of landscape architecture.

The park is designed in a free style and represents a continuation of the natural forest, which still occupies the western area of the park. From autochthonous elements those that stand out are examples of oak, maple, red leaf beech and hornbeam. Imposing are groups of old hanging spruce, larch and pine forest. From exotic species, more significant are by age and the development of the treetops of catalpas, sephoras, as well as weeping willow in the castle’s moat. The protected area of the park is 9.47 hectares.

The vast park contains a brook named Reka, a pond named Park, and the Erdödy Castle, its most valuable “exhibit”. Across from the palace, there is an old granary with a beautiful green patio in front of it.

Lanterns recently placed along the two main promenades gave a new look to the park and made it an ideal place for romantic evening walks among the ancient trees. This renovation has brought back life into the park after many years of stagnation, and turned it into a perfect location for permanent or occasional events related to cultural, artistic, and economic life of Jastrebarsko and its surroundings. The park can now accommodate sports, recreational activities, and various heritage-related events.

Žitnica (Granary)

Granary Jaska Granary is an integral part of Erdody park. It was probably built in 1549, when Peter Erdody, with the help of citizens with whom he was on good terms, built a barn and shed near the castle. Thanks to the powers of the market judge of Jaska, Peter Erdödy made some construction works on the extension of the castle and completed the construction of neighboring buildings in 1552.

From the description of the castle of 1691, it is known that at that time there was a mill in front of it, and the granaries war not far to store grain safely. At that time the owners of the castle were the brothers George and Christopher Erdody. The new stables, the gardener’s house and a new granary belonged to George and Christopher, and the old barns, houses and stewardship of the new granary belonged to their cousin Alexander.

During the renovation of barns, few object were implemented: masonry facade, carpentry, locksmith, glazier, painting works, stonemasons and restoration works. The necessary demolition and removal of decayed parts of the building were done. Then the new plaster was applied on the outer surface and the inner surface. Within the carpentry work were installed and corrected 41 windows and doors. This was followed by manufacturing and mounting bars on the windows and installation of glass.

Today, after a complete renovation, Granary can be visited. It is near the castle Erdody, surrounded by green gardens and it is an ideal venue for cultural, economic and tourist events.


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