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Town Museum Jastrebarsko

The Town Museum is a good starting point for visitors. 

City Museum is located in  redecorated old city hall building, built in 1826. The museum contains archaeological, cultural, historic and ethnographic heritage of Jastrebarsko region. The famous “Bula” is also exposed here Charter of King Bela IV with which on January 12th 1257 Jastrebarsko attained the status of free royal trading town. A small winery within the Museum displays 600 years of history of winemaking and wine-growing in Jaska region and preserves famous archival collection of wines and wine glasses, cups and “bilikums” (three connected jugs). The gallery space regularly hosts interesting exhibitions.


The Town Museum Jastrebarsko

Address: Vladka Mačeka 1, 10 450 Jastrebarsko
Phone: 00385 1 6283 991
E-mail: muzej@czk-jastrebarsko.hr
Business hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday 10:00 am to 14:00 pm
                        Wednesday and Thursday 12:00 to 18:00 pm


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Weather in Jaska

  • 17°C
  • W. 1km/h
  • H. 100%
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