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Watermill and Millers’ House

The Jastrebarsko area is rich in water, and there used to be a large number of watermills operating in the region. Millers were well respected in the community and an important part of village life. Nowadays, however, there are only few mills still standing. Fortunately, Sveta Jana association recognized their importance, and renewed one of the old watermills. Godrijan’s watermill on the Draga brook in the village of Draga Svetojanska was built around 1890, and restored in 2007. The mill was destroyed in a flood in 1927. Now it once again uses spring water and a millstone to grind wheat. In the past, mills were used for village gatherings, festivals and various events. For the hosts and owners, the mills brought food to their family tables. In 2009, another valuable building was erected beside the mill in Draga Svetojanska. It is the Miller’s House, a cultural master piece. Built beside the mill on the Draga brook, this priceless treasure reminds us of times past, and the life that used to be led in the area. Miller’s House is a replica of a typical house that the miller’s family used to occupy. Although smaller than usual, the house contains all the traditional elements of a historic house. The kitchen and bedroom are filled with items from the last century, typical for the region. There is a number of details and items in the kitchen, some of which are more than a hundred years old. A bread oven, also used to heat both the kitchen and the bedroom, dominates the room. The oven is made of ceramic tiles that are used both for heating and cooking. Small details are the ones that give extra warmth to the room. They are filled with tradition and give a realistic representation of local culture. Paintings, wardrobe, traditionally arranged bed, a small table that sits the entire family, sacral details… all these items make the house seem as if it had always been here. As if it remained untouched by the passage of time. The house also contains a vestibule. This is where the hosts used to greet guests, and perform various chores. The numerous historic items will leave no person untouched, neither chance visitors nor true lovers of things past.

Contact: Sveta Jana Traditional Association, Gorica Svetojanska bb, 10453 Gorica Svetojanska, Email: etnosvjana@net.hr, Mob: +385 098 9291 639




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