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"Sveta Jana" Traditional Association

“Sveta Jana” is an association that works on the protection of cultural heritage and the promotion of traditional, tourist, economic, and environmental values of the Sveta Jana region. Established in 2002 on the foundation of long inactive Sveta Jana Tourism Group, the association tries to promote some of the basic ideas of its predecessor. The Association’s first public appearance was in 2002 during St. Anne’s Festival. Their stall at the festival was and still remains the main display for the promotion and presentation of the Association’s “products”.

The traditional collection consists of four thematic parts: family house, winemaking, farming, and traditional costumes. The oldest exhibit of the collection is an 1827 grape press, and one of the most valuable items is an old loom.

In cooperation with the Jastrebarsko Tourist Board, the association published Sveta Jana postcards after 20 years of absence, and produced items such as the „kerchief of Sveta Jana”, Sveta Jana cup, wine jar, wine cooler, a replica of a vinegar jar with the emblem of Sveta Jana, and three sizes of ceramic molds for marble cakes. Their first major project was the publication of “The Region of Sveta Jana” chronicle. The chronicle was the first major printed issue related to the associations, people, and events of the region of Sveta Jana to be published in almost 30 years. It will remain a legacy of local enthusiasts whose words and images tried to preserve at least some events and people from oblivion. Afterwards, the second issue of the chronicle was published.

In spring 2007, with good logistics, ideas, and a lot of good will, the association embarked on its largest project and started restoring, renovating and rebuilding Godrijan’s Watermill on the Draga brook, at the same site where it used to work until it was destroyed in a flood in 1927. The restoration was completed with help from the city, donors, and friends, and with a lot of hard work by association members, supervision and professional assistance by Zvonimir Celinšćak, and the mill once again became operational on August 25, 2007. During the restoration period, the association has been given permission to utilize the land behind the mill and along the brook, where they built a replica of an authentic local wooden house. The “Miller’s House” and the mill complement each other and blend with the environment. The whole project was completed in 2009, and the house includes an original bread oven that uses the flour produced in the watermill.

Contact: 00385 1 98 9291 639 (Jasnica Vojvodić)

Student cooperative Grozdek

Student cooperative’’ Grozdek’’ acts from 2002. as part of the Elementary school Ljubo Babić Jastrebarsko. It brings together sections embroiderers, potters, beekeepers, has ethno-collection, and its members are involved in jewelry making and hard-house. The goal of the cooperative is primarily to teach children to practice and promote the tradition, their home land and care for the environment.

ZELENA LIVADA (green meadow)

Zelena livada is a society practicing old folk pastoral plays, games and skills. On the grounds of the «Zelena Livada» today we can find many interesting attractions that will serve all those who love nature, sports, and old traditional ways in a new light. The grounds of the „Zelena Livada“ will offer you tranquillity or respite from stressful everyday life. For the elderly to invigorate their days and for the young to enrich their lives with a mix of old and new traditional values.
Pastoral games include: prasičkanje (traditional game similar to golf), kozanje (traditional game similar to the Mill), walking on sticks, sling shooting, bows and arrows, rope and tree climbing and many other games for children such as na nebesa, pencanje, picokanje, topovi iz blata, puške iz Bazge. May the touch of past remain with us forever.

Contact: 00385 95 5968 658 (Slavica Barlović)

City Choir Javor Randička cesta 21,
10450 Jastrebarsko,
Mobile phone 00385 98 9488 201 Mario Kambić
E-mail: matica.jaska@gmail.com

Matrix Croaticum of city Jastrebarsko Zagrebacka 7
10450 Jastrebarsko
Mobile Phone 00385 917229 167 Klementina Škrabe
E-mail: matica.jaska@gmail.com

Creative Studio Zvrk
10450 Zagrebačka 7
Mobile phone: 00385 91 7229 167  Klementina Škrabe
E-mail: kreativni.studio.zvrk@gmail.com

Theater Škrabe
10450 Zagrebačka 7
Mobile phone: 00385 91 7229 167  Klementina Škrabe
E-mail: kazaliste.skrabe@gmail.com

Ballet Studio Jastrebarsko
Grada Mainza 23
10 000 Zagreb
Mob: 00385 91 5694 765 Svetlana Lukić


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