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Španić Winery

Španić Winery

Long standing tradition, currently continued by the fourth generation of the family, excellent position of the vineyards, and carefully selected varietals made the Španić family a part of the winemaking establishment of Plešivica. Their wines are high quality and characteristic specimens of Plešivica’s wine revival. Namely, the Španić family has vineyards in Lugaričko, Beličina, and Prhočak, in the south and southwestern slopes. They farm around 2.6 hectares (about 16,000 vines) of Welschriesling, Sylvaner, Kerner, and Rhine Riesling, with a recent addition of about 2,500 vines of Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc and Portugieser. Their cellars are a blend of modern technology and old tradition, and the controlled fermentation ensures the production of wines with characteristic aroma, harmony, and, as far as Rhine Riesling and Kerner are concerned, suitable for archiving. They welcome tourists in a facility for guided wine tasting.


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