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Repro Eko

Repro Eko is a family farm specializing in the production and processing of quality organic food. The farm is located in the village of Volavje near Jastrebarsko (35 km or 40 minutes’ drive away from Zagreb). The central item of the farm is a renovated old mill located by a brook. The farm is also suitable as a venue for various seminars and workshops, relaxation and anti-stress programs, school trips, vegetarian and vegan weddings, etc. Services include accommodation, catering, and many more. The family farm offers all types of environmentally friendly ground wheat flour, as well as stone-ground integral flour (corn, rye, oat, barley, soy, rice, chickpea) and other products, most of them carrying an ecolabel. You can taste these products if you take a trip to the Repar family farm in Volavje, or look for them in specialized stores. Apart from production, the Repro Eko farm also serves food. Vegans and vegetarians will particularly enjoy fresh, smoked, or breaded tofu and seitan produced at the Repro Eko farm, which can also be prepared on a grill. Repro Eko also offers accommodation in beautiful rooms that welcome pets. Whether or not you plan to stay the night, learn something or enjoy excellent food, please call ahead.

Contact: Repro Eko, Volavje 30, 10 450 Jastrebarsko, phone: +385 01 6294 744, fax: +385 01 6294 743, www.repro.hr E-mail: eko@repro.hr


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