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Over 750 years old history

Jastrebarsko was named after “jastrebari”, medieval breeders of hunting birds, hawks and falcons. The town coat of arms has a hawk in it, from old times.

The town is mentioned for the first time in 1249, as ''Zemlja Jastrebarska''(the land of Jastrebarsko) and as an urban settlement ''forenses de Jastraburcza'' in the document of Count Stjepan, which states the return of the confiscated land back to the Fortress of the Podgorska County. Derived from that name is also today’s popular shortened name of the town – Jaska.

On January 12th, 1257 king Bela IV, at the request of town’s residents, awarded Jastrebarsko the privilege of “free royal market”. That Privilege was, for almost 600 years, the basic legal document, according to which citizens were able to preserve their privileges from feudal lords. The Privilege was later confirmed by other rulers as well, and today it is kept in the Town’s Museum.

Through history, both the life and the development of the town were influenced by noblemen Erdödy who had estates in Jastrebarsko from 1519 to 1848. Erdödy family castle in the town park near the center of Jastrebarsko is the oldest building in town. The 1848 Revolution ended the feudal era in the history of landownership and trading in Jastrebarsko and thus began a new era ...

On certain places in the town we are still reminded of the history and tradition of trading in Jaska by decorative windows and consoles of old town houses among which some are made from wood, and by some delicately ornamented house entrances.

Even today Jastrebarsko is the center of a wider area comprising of municipalities Krašić, Žumberak, Pisarovina and Klinča sela, as well as Jastrebarsko itself that received the status of a town in 1995.


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