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Location and climate

Jastrebarsko is a town located about 30 kilometers southwest of Zagreb and about 20 kilometers northeast of Karlovac. The town is a part of the Zagreb County and spreads over an area of 229 square kilometers. The area is composed of three natural features: the dolomitic limestone range of Žumberak in the north that comes down to the fruitful and winegrowing area of Prigorje, and the Pokuplje region in the southeast stretching all the way to the Kupa River and holding the Crna Mlaka bird reserve. Roads running from Jastrebarsko over Plešivica and from Kostanjevec over Žumberak connect the Jastrebarsko region with the neighboring region of Samobor. In the southeast, the region is connected to the Velika Gorica area.

Excellent traffic connections to the town include the nearby Zagreb-Karlovac highway, regional road, and railroad, while air and sea ports are not that far away, either.

The area has temperate continental climate or temperate warm and rainy climate with median temperature during the coldest month above - 3°C, and below 18°C. Areas with this type of climate are rich in forests, and especially favorable for agriculture and winegrowing.



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Weather in Jaska

  • 19°C
  • W. 2km/h
  • H. 100%
Forecast for 6 days

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